Admission Agreement

Mission Statement

CrabApple Village Senior Estates provides compassionate care in a homelike atmosphere for our seniors in need of our services.


CrabApple Village Senior Estates seeks to help each senior live a life of fulfillment and to protect the integrity of each person by assisting them in development of the physical and emotional capabilities each might need to succeed in being able to live a full and happy life.

Admission Policy

It is the policy of this facility to accept individuals for placement on a non-discriminatory basis.

Applicants will be considered for admission on the basis of their medical, psychological, and social needs.  Persons known to be at risk of harm to self or others, persons known to require the use of restraints, or persons known to be at risk for wondering will not be accepted.

This facility will accept, retain, and provide services to those individuals whose needs the current staff and programs of the facility can successfully meet, or whose needs can be met by obtaining the services of appropriate outside resources.

19 CSR 30-86.045 Standards and Requirements for Assisted Living Facilities Which Provide Services to Residents with a Physical, Cognitive, or Other Impairment that Prevents the Individual from Safely Evacuating the Facility with Minimal Assistance

Purpose:  This rule establishes the additional standards for those assisted living facilities which provide services to residents with a physical, cognitive, or other impairment that prevents the individual form safely evacuating the facility with minimal assistance.

Non-discrimination Policy Statement

It is the policy of CrabApple Village Senior Estates to provide services to all personal without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.  No person shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of any services, or be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, nationality, sex, age, or disability.

Discharge Policy

Pursuant to 19 CSR 30-88 (13-16) Chapter 88, page 88.010-2, "No resident shall be transferred or discharged except in the case of an emergency discharge unless the resident, the next of kin, the legal representative, the attending physician and the responsible agency, if any, are notified at the least (30) days in advance of the transfer or discharge, and casework services or other means are utilized to assure that adequate arrangements exist for meeting the resident's needs." (13) "No resident may be discharged without full and adequate notice of his/her right to a hearing before the Department of Health and Senior Services and an opportunity to be heard on the issue whether his/her discharge is necessary..." (15).  The resident may continue to reside in the facility until the hearing process in completed.

Smoking Policy

This facility values the health and well being of the residents, individuals who visit the facility, and the staff who are employed.  It is highly recommended that residents, visitors, and staff refrain from smoking.

This is a smoke free facility.

There are no designated smoking areas within this facility.

Smoking materials are prohibited from being maintained or used in resident bedrooms.

Residents who smoke when away from the facility will be required to leave all smoking supplies at those locations, or to give all smoking materials to staff when returning to the facility to be stored in a locked area.


CrabApple Village Senior Estates